Sydney Container Storage

Container storage is one of the most flexible forms of storage available.

Sydney Container Storage

No matter what your needs are, containers storage is a great storage option. It offers space, efficiency and can be transported where ever you need it.

At Palmers, we use shipping container storage units for a number of reasons. They are durable, temperature controlled and can be put on the back of one of our removal trucks for delivery and pick up. It’s the flexibility shipping container storage offers that make it such an attractive option to many of our customers.

Shipping containers are also much larger than traditional self-storage and mobile storage units. This means you can store more at a lower cost compared to a traditional storage unit. The full dimensions of our shipping container storage in Sydney are 5.89mx2.34m or roughly 33 cubic meters.

Container Storage In Sydney

Our Sydney container storage has drive up access as well as full delivery service to your home or business. Simply book ahead and we can have your container storage ready for you to store on site or for delivery.

Our Sydney storage facility has full 24/7 security, with cameras and fencing. You can rest easy knowing your belongings are fully protected from theft or intrusion.

We also make sure our containers are airtight and protected from the weather. Inside the container can include temperature control to ensure a perfect temperature at all times for your container. We also ensure against mould and pests. Protecting your property is our top priority and we go the extra mile to ensure that.

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Shipping Containers Internationally

Palmers offers a full international moving service with the use of our mobile shipping containers. We can have your shipping container delivered anywhere in the world!

The process is simple! Contact Palmers Relocations and we can help you with all the forms and logistics’ for your overseas move.

We can bring the shipping container to your home directly for packing and have removalists on hand to ensure everything is stored properly in the container to avoid breakages.

We then take your belongings to the shipping yard where they are loaded up and sent to the destination of your choosing. You can see our full list of destinations on our international removals page.

This also means that you can store your belongings before your move. For example, if you are moving to another country but need to find a new place to live, you can keep your belongings in container storage for as long as you need. Then, once you need your belongings and have found a new place to live, get your shipping container delivered to your door.

Palmers Loading A Customers Container Storage In Sydney

Office And Factory Storage Options

Container storage is also perfect for office and factory storage. If you are downsizing, selling or upgrading equipment, you can store your items in a shipping container! Delivered to your office or factory, you can store desks, computers, office equipment, machinery, protective gear and anything else you need. It is the perfect storage as it can hold the contents of an entire office or factory in a single container. If you are selling the office items, they can be delivered to the person who is buying them, making it a good short term storage option!

*There are some flammable things we are unable to store and machinery will have to be fully powered down and inactive.

How Does It Work?

The idea behind Sydney container storage is simple and effective storage that makes it easier for you to move your belongings in and out of storage. Moving into storage can take multiple car trips, truck rentals and packing and unpacking your things from your home, into the car and then into the storage facility. This is where container storage steps in. Sydney container storage is delivered to your home for you to pack. You only need to pack your container ONCE!

This is a much simpler way of moving into storage. Palmer’s shipping container storage is airtight, with no chance of leaking from damage or holes in the containers. We also make sure that your belongings are protected from the heat and hot Australian sun.

Once you need your belongings again, they can be delivered back to your door and unloaded into your home. No matter where you are in the world, we can deliver. Another advantage of using shipping containers is that they can, of course, be shipped worldwide. This means if you move to a new country, state or just down the road, your belongings can be delivered to your new address.

I Need Help Packing My Storage Container!

Many people call us asking if we can help you pack your storage container once it arrives at your home. Not only is this a service we provide, but we can also make sure your belongings are secured for an overseas journey. We have a great team of professional removalists that can help you pack and secure your load.

We also have packing materials on offer to all customers at low prices. We make sure all your items are safely packed in the best way to prevent any damage. When you need your belongings back, we can also help with the unpacking of your container and organisation of your belongings in your home.

I Want The Flexibility Of Sydney Container Storage But I Don’t Have That Many Things…

Fear not! Palmers Relocations also offers our Sydney Mobile Storage! These are storage pods or modules that are smaller than traditional container storage options. Of course, this also makes them a cheaper option! Like Sydney container storage, mobile storage is delivered to your home for you to pack and then sent off to our storage facility for storage. It can then be redelivered where ever you need it!

You can find out more about mobile storage by visiting the Sydney Mobile Storage site!

Cheap And Easy Storage In Sydney

When looking for cheap and easy storage in Sydney, container storage is your best bet. Whether for business or for personal items, container storage is an effective way of storing your items. Put a call into Palmers Storage division today to find out more about Sydney container storage including quotes and size requirements. We look to help you every step of the way and make the process as simple as possible. So fill out the quote form or call 1300 363 916.

Sydney Container Storage At the Palmers Facility